J-Yo: Philly's Authentic Voice in Hip Hop, Striving to Revive Real Music

J-Yo, hailing from the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area, describes the city as a place where everyone is respected despite the negative reputation it often receives. According to him, Philly artists, particularly MCs, possess a unique authenticity, always delivering honest and unfiltered lyrics.

In terms of his music career, J Yo's primary objective is to continue inspiring others through his real-life experiences portrayed in his music. He aims to delve into professional music video production to amplify his message and bring back the essence of true hip-hop storytelling. He believes that real hip hop serves a purpose beyond mere entertainment, offering a platform for self-expression and addressing mental health issues.

When asked about his desired change in the music industry, J Yo expresses a desire to return to the Golden era of hip hop, where lyrical content and storytelling took precedence over superficial rhyming. He advocates for the elimination of mumble rap and emphasizes the importance of genuine content and meaningful lyrics. Additionally, he highlights the significance of having a skilled sound engineer to enhance the overall quality of music production, a recent addition to his team.

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